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Working With a Vast Network of Reliable Resources

Skip Trace – Missing People Search

Skip Tracing requires expertise and utilization of reliable resources. In Canada, the privacy laws are specific and limit the way information can be collected. This is where Pelletier and Associates comes in.

We offer an extensive skip trace service that is tailored to meet your needs while complying with Canadian as well as US privacy laws. We specialize in locating individuals such as defendants, plaintiffs, class action members, beneficiaries, pension members, and lost loved ones. 

Locating Defendants, Plaintiffs, and Class Action Members

Turn to us if you need to locate an individual to proceed in your case. Our search will provide you with an updated address quickly and cost effectively.

Our skip trace services can locate an evasive debtor for service or collection. This will help you reduce the number of accounts written off because of the unknown location of a debtor.

We have located hundreds of individuals for various reasons. Our success rate is exceptional thanks to the vast resources available to us. Contact us to request an estimate for our skip trace services. 

Skip Trace Services Offered

        • Corporate Search
        • Institution Search
        • License Search
        • Litigation Search
        • Plate Search
        • Property Search
        • Vehicle Search
        • VIN Search

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